About Todd Sloan

Todd Sloan was called to the bar in 1987. He has worked in Ontario Legal Clinics, for the Ontario Ombudsman and, until his retirement in April, 2010 for the Government of Canada.

His legal clinic duties provided considerable experience in immigration and refugee law.

His federal government functions included:

  • Investigator and General Counsel with the Correctional Investigator of Canada (the prison ombudsman)
  • Investigator with the Information Commissioner of Canada
  • Director of Access to Information and Privacy with the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC)
  • Director of Offender Redress with CSC
  • Founding national chair of the CSC Employment Equity and diversity Committee

Todd practices law in Ottawa and Kingston, assisting clients with legal problems related to prisons and parole, refugee claims, visas, family re-unification,acquiring government information and protecting personal information under government control.


4 thoughts on “About Todd Sloan

  1. Dean D. Paqueete says:

    Do you do or have you done prisoner transfers from the U.S.A. to Canada. I have a potential referral? Let me know.

  2. David Kennedy/Carla Nelson(do not publish this name, please) says:

    I would like you to acknowledge that you received correspondence from me regarding three requests to the Warden of Bath Institution for room and board waivers. There have been problems with confidential solicitor correspondence being opened or destroyed before leaving the Institution. I am hopeful that my letter reached you intact. I would like to continue corresponding with you – possibly through e-mail replies via my family support. There are many problems here and it would be helpful to have your thoughts on how to effectively address them. Please send confirmation of this reply, as well as receiving my posted letter to my wife.

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