Sources of extremism.

Here is a CBC piece on Corrections Canada’s conference about combating Islamic radicalization in CSC facilities.
CSC, on behalf of its political masters, touts its concern for prisons being used by inmates and visiting clerics to create Jihadists.
I believe (without actual observation) that this could be the case. Certainly recruitment to other criminal organizations, like gangs, appears to occur “inside”.
That said, I also believe that Islam, or other religions,including native spirituality, can be a compass that points young people in a good direction. From another perspective, the experience of incarceration per se can create attitudes of bitterness and disrespect for authority that lend themselves to reactions involving jaded, and potentially violent, alternatives. Finally, one wonders if any reliable empirical data exist on the scope of this problem versus others – like , say, suicides or drug-related diseases.
These points do not seem to have been discussed at the December 2 international meeting, which, presumably, will be used as grounds to state that Canada is a “world leader’ in this area.
P.S. Would someone kindly explain what is meant by the following CSC statement from the article:
Citing security reasons, CSC would not disclose the number of radicalized offenders now in custody, but said they can be involved in a wide range of behaviours and activities that support extreme political, religious or ideological objectives or causes, including global jihad, terrorist financing or extreme political militantism.…/radicalization-of-prisoners-discussed-a…


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